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The importance of lawn pest control in York PA

You see weeds insects invading your plants. Naturally, you are tempted to apply a pesticide. The pest have messed up your lawn and ruined all of your hard work. However, using pesticides is not necessary. Pesticides are a type of poison. They will the weeds and the insects, but they also destroy much-needed pollinators. And the grass and plant. Resist the urge of applying pesticides and seek lawn care services. Lawn care specialists are able to eliminate and prevent conditions that could promote a pest population. Simply put, they help you maintain a healthy turf. Do not try to handle the weed and bug problem yourself. A lawn care company is better able to handle your outdoor pest problem.


Insects and your lawn

Insects have gotten a bad reputation over the last years, so it is not surprising that people apply pesticides whenever they see them, just to avoid unpleasant outcomes. There are many bugs that can destroy your lawn. Most of the industry is comprised of eliminating ticks, aphids, armyworms, earwigs, Japanese beetles, and billbugs. Sometimes, the damage comes in the form of insects eating grass and leaves. Other times, they are present at root level. The effect that these insects have is devastating. The root is damaged, not to mention that the plant is weakened and kept from growing. If you do not take action from the very beginning, you may not be able to stop invasive species.

Is lawn pest control worth the effort?

Insects can take over your grass and your plants, causing damage to your yard and making it that much difficult for you to maintain it. Pest management dramatically reduces their impact on the environment. What is more, Mother Nature is not disturbed. Chemicals are not used, but environmentally friendly pest control methods. Since pest control implies more than standard lawn care methods, you have to hire a professional company. Only specialists are capable of implementing pest control programs that work.

Steps to lawn pest control

  1. Identification of damage and responsible critters

Mistakes do occur, which is why experts will want to examine the insects to know for sure what they are dealing with. If spray is used when the plant suffers from a fungal infection, that plant will die. Pest identification is important because it helps distinguish the potential risk.

  1. Learning about pest and host life

Prevention does not always help. The critter may be at a cycle that is not susceptible to preventative actions. Learning about pests is essential when it comes to keeping the in place.

  1. Monitoring for pest population

Monitoring pest population is done to know when to protect the lawn from insects. If preventative measures are not taken at the right time, they are ineffective. Monitoring for pest population is realized before there is a problem.

  1. Establishing action threshold

Action threshold is a fancy group of words used to refer to the number of insects before requiring action. In some cases, a number of pests is tolerated. For example, earthworms and honey bees are good for the grass and plants. Yet, there is a point at which you must do something.

  1. Choosing control methods

Pests management tactics are chosen. Better yet, a combination of management tactics is chosen.

  1. Evaluation of the results

Last but not least, it is necessary to see if the management tactics have had the desired result. However, lawn pest control is an ongoing process.