Windshield Repair Questions

Questions on windshield repair every driver deserves some answers for


As a driver, being on the road is always a challenge. You have to pay attention to the road and to the other road participants, not to mention about checking the vehicle on a regular basis in order to ensure it is working properly. The car is exposed to many threats on a daily basis, whether you take it out on the road or keep it parked in front of the house and the part that usually gets most of the damage is the windshield. When dealing with cracked or damaged windshield, many questions pop un in drivers’ minds, so below the most common ones are presented.


Should I use a repair kit?

The biggest mistake that most drivers make is that they do not give due importance to windshield cracks and chips. They do not take any action the moment they first notice the damage and let the problem unsolved for weeks or sometimes even months. What they do not know is that the crack can get bigger in time. Some drivers take into account buying one of those repair kits available on the market, but the truth is this will only solve the problem for a very short period of time. In some cases, those repair kits may do even more damage than good. It is best to look for a professional mechanic and have the windshield inspected.

Should I go for repairing or replacing the windshield?

Many drivers dealing with cracks and chips on the windshield have this question – whether they should opt for repairing the damaged glass spot or to have the entire part replaced. In order to save money, some of them go for repairing the crack, without considering its depth or size. The truth is only an expert in mechanics can determine what the best solution is. If the crack is small and not placed in the line of sight of the driver, repairing it seems like the right choice. On the other hand, if it is a deep crack, it is recommended to have the entire glass replaced to avoid any further problems.

Can I have the windshield repaired if the auto insurance policy does not cover glass repair?

The answer to this question is definitely yes, you can have the windshield repaired even if your auto insurance policy does not provide glass coverage. In such situations, you will have to pay the entire cost of the service. Start your research on the Internet and find the best mechanic in your region that provides top quality services at prices that fit within your budget.

How quickly will I have the car repaired?

Some drivers skip taking their cars to a mechanic because they cannot dispense of their vehicles not even for one day. The moment they have to deal with problems such as chipped or cracked windshield, their first thought is how long it will take until they are able to use the car again. Worth mentioning is that this varies from one mechanic to another. Most of them have the windshield repaired or replaced in no more than 2 business days, not to mention that in case of emergencies, they can have the problem solved the same day.